New World Order

The ones on top are feeding us lies.

And “We the people” have sacrificed our right to guide the path of our own minds.

We’ve let them infect our thought process with their manufactured media garbage.

That’s been fractured censored and then presented as if it were pure.

To assure the mass populous feels secure.

And we take it all in.

Letting them blur our better judgment and mute our intuition.

We vote at a federal level with the naive belief that we are making a choice.

When merely we’re dancin’ with the devil to a song with no voice.

Deciding amongst our kind what we find to be the less of two evils.

But see me, I know.

That regardless who the front man is

Black, white

Mr. or Ms.

In reality someone else is runnin the show.

So no matter which way the poles go we the people need to assemble and take control.

Spreading the truth could be the difference between a government molded youth

And an enlightened group of free thinkers.

Who will refuse to inhale this toxic pollution.

Who will unite

Fight and ignite

A revolution.

So we brainstorm solutions and suddenly I feel quite grounded.

Sound in my way of being.

I’m finally seeing how to reach my center.

As I enter a place laced with grace on a constant chase for creative word play.

Heard they found my way of thinking profound see,

I live life free and like to push boundaries.

I am always me.

I try very hard to “be the change” I wish to see in the world.

I know I am only one girl so

“What are we going to do tonight brain?”

“Same thing we do every night Pinky, try to take over the world”

One poem at a time.

I will let my light shine through me.

It’s true we are divine beings.

The extent of our capabilities have yet to be seen

Because they are conditioning us to believe this is all we will ever be.

It’s a little tricky to see the subliminal messages they feed through

TV screens


And advertising schemes.

But you must look deeper.

Become the seeker of your own truth.

They are brainwashing our youth in plain view.

And it’s up to me and you to save them.

Raise them.

With strong will

Sharp intellect

And the sense to detect what it means when the hair stands up on the back of your neck.

Treat everybody with respect.

But don’t blindly let anybody tell you what to do.

You better question authority if it doesn’t seem right to you.

Because the authority should not be the truth,

The truth should be the authority.

But our country is run on the interest of few and not what’s best for the majority.

There is a new world order sweeping our nation.

Keeping us in isolation.

Seeking world domination.

This is more than a secret society conspiracy theory.

Please open your eyes and hear me.


The Other Side of Consciousness

At times, I imagine life outside myself.

Not losing my essence but letting go of my shell.

Perhaps Transcending into my subconscious self.

I become in line with me we begin pondering the necessity of our bodies.

Decide to be more Godly.

Not that we blindly believe one man holds our salvation.

Instead we release the idealization of one being.

We try harnessing our own personal energy.

Acknowledging our divinity.

Bigger than common comprehension,

We are powerful entities.

Some, even crossing to alternate dimensions throughout centuries.

True our history has been blurred but don’t believe everything you’ve heard.

We are so much bigger than this earth.

She is beautiful and we abuse her.

People can’t comprehend its worth.

Their want for material things is why we are losing the nurturance in her soil.

We are spoiled.

The stars coil into galaxies while the people on top try to stop us from seeing past our TV screens.

Blinding us through chaos.

Our crying eyes strain to see but we are lost.

And at what cost have we sacrificed the path of our minds?

It’s show time

Go time

No more do what you’re told time.

You create your own path.

Life is what you make it.

You want something to change, change it.

I am you

You are me

We are God.

We are divine beings capable of anything.

Our bodies are made of star dust.

Control the energy around you

Create the things you want

Manifest your own destiny.

And please don’t say it’s not that easy, because it is.

People are so locked in to the ways of this world.

We need to unlearn pretty much everything we’ve ever been taught.

This place is NOT where we are meant to be.

We need to remember how to transcend this reality.

Our bodies get old but our minds stay so young because they have muted our intuition.

But it’s time to follow the light inside back to where our souls reside.

Because these bodies are just capsules and in time we’ve been captured.

And the only way to free is to let go of what you know and stop believing what you see.

We are bigger than galaxies.

So no one



Nor reality has the power to confine me.

And you are me

I am you

We are God.

I am no longer willing to pretend.

I am ready to ascend.


Terror is my sense of self these days,

As mass incarceration becomes the new slave trade.

Police brutality leads to cold cases, the degradation of our generation

and they have no shame.


I am becoming immune to the death of my race.

Every breath I take a result of how hard my family prays,

For me not to be just another black face.


Because this shit happens everyday.


The school to prison pipeline of our lifetime has become a lifeline,

Because left to the streets their left with nothing to eat.

Starvation becomes motivation

And I’m choking on the bullshit they feed me.

But, I’ll  survive it.

Just gotta keep my eyes open

Stay woke,

Continue to choke on the nonsense just don’t swallow it.


See, I am compete in incompleteness

All and nothing

Light and dark

Good and bad

Everything I ever wanted and nothing I ever had

I’m that,

Cool, calm kind of crazy

Unpredictable and destructive

My mother’s only child and the spitting image of my father


What if, I told you my mother had been married five times by the time I was 13

Do the math,

That means,

I had a different daddy every couple years and my biggest fear

Is that I will be a product of my society.


Itching for attention I often got it from older men,

Snuck out because I didn’t fit

But I refuse to let this world define me.

determined to break the cycle,

Lead my sisters from the darkness that rolls in when you remain idle

I will teach them to see.

Because change,

Change, Starts with me.

Black Girl

T Miller told me I could cum and birth a revolution simultaneously. 

So watch as I orgasm on stage delivering children of change, unlocking this cage of oppression.

Let the death of ancestors be lessons we learn from.  

It’s our turn to hum




I am I black girl

Raised in a white world because my mother didn’t think being black was enough.

When your skin is dark and your hair is course it’s better to be well spoken.

My cousins grew up on the other side of the tracks and although we share the same blood I always felt different.

Them Karl Kanai, Tims, and Biggy

Me Jincos, vans and Simple Plan  

Like the Montessori school my mother fought to get me in, somehow lightened the tone of my skin.

I’ve always been proud of my education even when my cousins used it as a way to break me down.

Teased me for the way I pronounce every syllable.

Mocked me cuz when I walked my booty failed to jiggle

Taught me to throw them hands by playin monkey in the middle

But little did I know those long weekends at auntie’s house would strengthen my backbone

Create a dynamic inside me all its own.

I speak in complete sentences and don’t often use broken English.

I have a small waste and not much shape to my fully developed body.

My cocoa complexion the envy of their porcelain reflections

I trace my lineage back to my great grandmother on my mother’s side.

She calls me Punky, prefers to live alone.

As the sun glistens off the silver speckles in her hair, I am reminded that she is my last connection to roots of my family tree.

The history of our people ripped away and replaced with the false idol of a white God.

They taught us to fear what they did not understand.

Took us from our land and forced our babies to be birthed and raised in an environment with no culture of their own.

Little black children grew up never being told of the royalty they derive from.

Our ancestors were Kings and Queens but they won’t teach you that in American history.

I call Alaska my home

White washed by the snow and my mother’s dream to raise me outside of the ghetto.

My best friends were suburban white kids 

Is that what you call “black privilege”?

Lately, I’ve become ashamed of this, crossed oceans to find what my namesake is. 

Even then, living on these beautiful Hawaiian Islands no more life in the drift of the trade winds finally deciding to let my feet sink into to soil. 

As my grandmother’s hair coils down my shoulders every year I grow older I find myself wanting to plant roots, water my seed.  

I am emerging.

Birthing the most divine version. 

I am a black girl

Claiming my place in this world

I refuse to be ashamed, hide in the shadows or straighten my curls.

I rarely wear make-up, keep my hair natural, don’t know what the actual fuck I am doing but still I be doin’ it.

In a life or death hunt for my lineage.

Frantically combing my mother’s mind to find the truth she left behind.

Lost memories from another lifetime,

Hidden traces in her bloodline.

This is not a facade

The blood running through my veins descends from the Queen of all Queens and God of all Gods.

I am a black girl