The Other Side of Consciousness

At times, I imagine life outside myself.

Not losing my essence but letting go of my shell.

Perhaps Transcending into my subconscious self.

I become in line with me we begin pondering the necessity of our bodies.

Decide to be more Godly.

Not that we blindly believe one man holds our salvation.

Instead we release the idealization of one being.

We try harnessing our own personal energy.

Acknowledging our divinity.

Bigger than common comprehension,

We are powerful entities.

Some, even crossing to alternate dimensions throughout centuries.

True our history has been blurred but don’t believe everything you’ve heard.

We are so much bigger than this earth.

She is beautiful and we abuse her.

People can’t comprehend its worth.

Their want for material things is why we are losing the nurturance in her soil.

We are spoiled.

The stars coil into galaxies while the people on top try to stop us from seeing past our TV screens.

Blinding us through chaos.

Our crying eyes strain to see but we are lost.

And at what cost have we sacrificed the path of our minds?

It’s show time

Go time

No more do what you’re told time.

You create your own path.

Life is what you make it.

You want something to change, change it.

I am you

You are me

We are God.

We are divine beings capable of anything.

Our bodies are made of star dust.

Control the energy around you

Create the things you want

Manifest your own destiny.

And please don’t say it’s not that easy, because it is.

People are so locked in to the ways of this world.

We need to unlearn pretty much everything we’ve ever been taught.

This place is NOT where we are meant to be.

We need to remember how to transcend this reality.

Our bodies get old but our minds stay so young because they have muted our intuition.

But it’s time to follow the light inside back to where our souls reside.

Because these bodies are just capsules and in time we’ve been captured.

And the only way to free is to let go of what you know and stop believing what you see.

We are bigger than galaxies.

So no one



Nor reality has the power to confine me.

And you are me

I am you

We are God.

I am no longer willing to pretend.

I am ready to ascend.

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