Terror is my sense of self these days,

As mass incarceration becomes the new slave trade.

Police brutality leads to cold cases, the degradation of our generation

and they have no shame.


I am becoming immune to the death of my race.

Every breath I take a result of how hard my family prays,

For me not to be just another black face.


Because this shit happens everyday.


The school to prison pipeline of our lifetime has become a lifeline,

Because left to the streets their left with nothing to eat.

Starvation becomes motivation

And I’m choking on the bullshit they feed me.

But, I’ll  survive it.

Just gotta keep my eyes open

Stay woke,

Continue to choke on the nonsense just don’t swallow it.


See, I am compete in incompleteness

All and nothing

Light and dark

Good and bad

Everything I ever wanted and nothing I ever had

I’m that,

Cool, calm kind of crazy

Unpredictable and destructive

My mother’s only child and the spitting image of my father


What if, I told you my mother had been married five times by the time I was 13

Do the math,

That means,

I had a different daddy every couple years and my biggest fear

Is that I will be a product of my society.


Itching for attention I often got it from older men,

Snuck out because I didn’t fit

But I refuse to let this world define me.

determined to break the cycle,

Lead my sisters from the darkness that rolls in when you remain idle

I will teach them to see.

Because change,

Change, Starts with me.

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