New World Order

The ones on top are feeding us lies.

And “We the people” have sacrificed our right to guide the path of our own minds.

We’ve let them infect our thought process with their manufactured media garbage.

That’s been fractured censored and then presented as if it were pure.

To assure the mass populous feels secure.

And we take it all in.

Letting them blur our better judgment and mute our intuition.

We vote at a federal level with the naive belief that we are making a choice.

When merely we’re dancin’ with the devil to a song with no voice.

Deciding amongst our kind what we find to be the less of two evils.

But see me, I know.

That regardless who the front man is

Black, white

Mr. or Ms.

In reality someone else is runnin the show.

So no matter which way the poles go we the people need to assemble and take control.

Spreading the truth could be the difference between a government molded youth

And an enlightened group of free thinkers.

Who will refuse to inhale this toxic pollution.

Who will unite

Fight and ignite

A revolution.

So we brainstorm solutions and suddenly I feel quite grounded.

Sound in my way of being.

I’m finally seeing how to reach my center.

As I enter a place laced with grace on a constant chase for creative word play.

Heard they found my way of thinking profound see,

I live life free and like to push boundaries.

I am always me.

I try very hard to “be the change” I wish to see in the world.

I know I am only one girl so

“What are we going to do tonight brain?”

“Same thing we do every night Pinky, try to take over the world”

One poem at a time.

I will let my light shine through me.

It’s true we are divine beings.

The extent of our capabilities have yet to be seen

Because they are conditioning us to believe this is all we will ever be.

It’s a little tricky to see the subliminal messages they feed through

TV screens


And advertising schemes.

But you must look deeper.

Become the seeker of your own truth.

They are brainwashing our youth in plain view.

And it’s up to me and you to save them.

Raise them.

With strong will

Sharp intellect

And the sense to detect what it means when the hair stands up on the back of your neck.

Treat everybody with respect.

But don’t blindly let anybody tell you what to do.

You better question authority if it doesn’t seem right to you.

Because the authority should not be the truth,

The truth should be the authority.

But our country is run on the interest of few and not what’s best for the majority.

There is a new world order sweeping our nation.

Keeping us in isolation.

Seeking world domination.

This is more than a secret society conspiracy theory.

Please open your eyes and hear me.


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